Megmichelle is a little online boutique filled with items for weddings, events, parties and some things just because. We believe in bringing beauty to all aspects of life and hope that the things we've designed and made do that for you and whatever you're celebrating. 

I (Megan) originally started Megmichelle back in high school. Back then I was sewing and constructing hats, bathing suits, and purses. When I went to college, I honestly forgot about my little ideas. I graduated college in 2008 with a marketing degree - spent a few years working for my dad's company and then went on to an advertising agency where I continued to learn about design. Fortunately at both places I had wonderful mentors who encouraged me to keep designing and keep learning. After Clara was born, Billy and I decided one of us should stay home for a while so I came back to Megmichelle as a creative outlet while I was at home with my Clara. I'd load a product here or there in my Etsy shop and over time the orders started coming in! After about a year of steady orders, we decided I needed Billy's help. We've hired many friends and family over the last few years to help us out. We are so thankful for every single purchase that is made. <3

Photo by: Finnie Beginnie Photography